Esteemsters : March 3, 1997

This is the 1st episode of the Daria series. In this episode, the Morgendorffers move to Lawndale. At the local Lawndale high school, Quinn becomes a part of the popular group, while Daria fails a psychological exam and has to take a self-esteem class. There she meets Jane Lane. Daria and Jane pass the test(since Jane knows all the answers). But Mr. O'Neill, who is so happy they passed, asks them to give a speech(infront of the whole school)about self-esteem.

The Invitation : March 10, 1997

Daria helps Brittany in art class about perspective and gets an invitation to her party, which Quinn was invited to also. Helen tells Daria to go to watch Quinn who is really upset that Daria was invited. Getting a ride from Trent, Daria brings Jane with her. When Daria shows up at the party, Quinn spends most of her party time hiding. In the end they all leave when the police show up. And rideless, Quinn, Daria, and Jane hitch a ride from Upchuck.

College Bored : March 17, 1997

Daria and Quinn take a college prep class and their assignment is to tour a college. They end up visiting Middleton College the one Helen and Jake went to. They all get seperated from the tour while Jake and Helen try to relive their college past, Quinn joins a sorority and parties at a frat house, and Daria makes college term papers for $10. They all meet again at the frat house where Quinn becomes keg queen, and the whole family gets kicked out of the college.

Cafe Disaffecto : March 24, 1997

Mr. O'Neill holds a fundraiser for a Lawndale coffeehouse because their cybercafe "" gets robbed. Daria joins with the activites(bringing Jane along) because her mom told her she would be sent to music camp if she didn't join and because it would be something to put on her college applications. Daria and Jane have to sell chocolate bars, but they refuse to sell them to Mrs. Johansen after she passes out. Principal Li doesn't give Daria credit for fundraising, and instead is told to perform at the coffeehouse. There Daria reads a story she wrote about the future, which inspires an anti-communist rally. Later the coffeehouse(now called Cafe Lawndale) gets trashed again.

Malled : March 31, 1997

The economy class takes a trip to a new mall which Daria and Jane aren't exactly happy about. The students find out that the mall executives are using them for market research, and are given $20 gift certificates to keep quiet(which they gladly take). Daria finds Quinn at the mall with the rest of the Fashion Club. Daria threatens to tell, forcing Quinn to do the chores for a whole month.

This Year's Model : April 7, 1997

Two modeling scouts(Claude and Romanica)from the Amazon Modeling Agency look for future models at Lawndale High. Quinn who gets selected takes special classes(even though Helen and Jake don't want her to). And Principal Li gets mad when she finds out the scouts are making the models touch the guy's chest. Quinn(who is also mad)thinks that she should have been picked, but the person who gets picked is Kevin.

Lab Brat - April 14, 1997

Ms. Barch gives an assignment to study rats. She pairs up Daria and Kevin, and Brittany with Upchuck. Upchuck uses Brittany as a slave, forcing her to do everything he ordered or else he would show people a pic of her and the quarterback of the rival high school together. Daria tells Kevin to watch the Pig Skin channel so she could work on the project herself. In the meantime, Quinn keeps flirting with him. Since Kevin spends so much time at Daria's, Brittany gets upset and steals Daria's mouse. Later they find out that Brittany took the mouse and work out a deal(the mouse for Kevin). In the end Daria gets an A, Kevin a D, and Upchuck and Brittany get an F.

Pinch Sitter - June 9, 1997

Quinn goes on a date(like always) and asks Daria to take over her baby sitting job. Even though Daria hates baby sitting,she overrules it over Couple Therapy Night. When she goes to the Gupty's, she finds that they're a bunch of angels. After getting her hair braided and a shoe shine, she calls Jane over. Together they changed the attitude of the kids, by letting them watch Sick Sad World, eating sweets, etc. And later becoming the kids' favorite baby sitters.

Too Cute - June 16, 1997

Starting with Brooke's nose job and a fight about shallowness, Quinn thinks that she needs plastic surgery. So she ditches school and brings Daria with her to see Dr. Shar. There, Dr. Shar tells Quinn she needs $6000 of plastic surgery. She also gives a computer makeover(which makes her look like Quinn)and a pair of fake boobs to Daria. Since Quinn doesn't have $6000, Jane suggests making a contribution fund type-of-thing. Quinn takes the comment seriously, but doesn't make much money. Then Tiffany and Stacy tell Quinn all about Brooke's nasal relapse. After that announcement, Quinn decided she didn't need plastic surgery.

The Big House - June 30, 1997

Daria and Quinn break their curfew and Helen sets down new rules. Then Quinn lies about being at a study group, but instead had gone out on a date. But she eventually slipped up. So their parents hold a family court for their punishment and Daria and Quinn get grounded for a month. There were rumors in school about Daria's punishment and cruel things her parents were doing to her. To see that everything was okay Jodie goes with Jane to Daria's house. Right then Daria decides bust out and go to the roller-hockey game(DJs vs. the faculty). In the end Daria makes a deal with her mom and gets parole.

Road Worriers : July 7, 1997

Daria is at Jane's house and the both of them talk with Trent and his friend Jesse. They decide to join them and to go to Alternapalooza where Quinn and the fashion club are also going. The Fashion Club are trying to dress alternative and Daria travels off in a van where she : 1.Bumps her head 2.Gets stung by a bee AND 3.Sits on a peanut-butter sandwich. Then worse things happen. They get stuck in a traffic, and Daria has to go the bathroom(and there isn't one in sight). The van also breaks down and Jane and Jesse go for help, while Daria and Trent get to know one another. Eventually Jane fixes the van with a glue gun, they miss the concert and go home.

The Teachings of Don Jake : July 14, 1997

Helen thinks Jake is undergoing too much stress, so the Morgendorffers go camping. When they get there, Jake keeps complaining and at night they just tell spooky stories. In the morning, everyone but Daria eat berries which make them all delirious and crazy. Using her mom's cell phone Daria calls 911 and they are flown to a hospital to get their stomachs pumped. In the meantime, Jane and Trent are sent to a family reunion. On the plane, Trent makes fun of Aunt Bernice who is sitting next to Jane. And after hearing Trent's comments doesn't have a very happy expression. At the reunion Jane and Trent are asked questions and have to share a room with a lot of other people. Being woken up 7 AM,they couldn't take it anymore. So they take Aunt Bernice's car, drive to the airport, and fly home.

Misery Chick - July 21, 1997

Lawndale High is putting up a new goal post dedicated to Tommy Sherman, a football hero at the school who turns out to be a jerk . After Jane and Daria have a talk with Tommy(where he calls Daria a misery chick), they joke about wishing he would die, and a few seconds later, the new goal post falls and kills him. Kevin, Brittany, and Mr. Oneill come to Daria for help with dealing with the accident, and Jane keeps starting to avoid Daria. So Daria goes to Jane's house and they talk all the things out, the death, and Daria being a misery chick. Then, Sandi asks Daria for advice about her cat and Daria charges her $10.