Pierce Me - July 27, 1998

Jane's birthday is coming up and Trent asks Daria's to help find a present for his sister(and during this Daria keeps dreaming about Trent and blushing). So they go window shopping on some street and spot a piercing shop. There, Trent gets Daria to pierce her belly-button because he said it would make her look hot. While Daria was out getting pierced, Quinn and Helen were preparing for a mother-daughter fashion show. But when they were on the runway, Quinn trips on the back of her dress and pulls her mom down with her making an embarrassing scene. Her parents ask what would make her feel better, so she tells them to look at Daria's navel. But when the parents looked, the hole had sealed up because Daria took it out overnight since it itched so much. (Just as a note, Jane's presents were: a song sung to Jane from Mystik Spiral, and art supplies from Daria.)

See Jane Run - July 20, 1998

Jane joins the track team to prove to Ms. Morris(the gym class teacher) that she and her sisters aren't lazy. And partly because she liked a guy named Evan(who's also on the team). So Jane wins a lot of track meets, and Daria embarrasses her infront of Evan making Jane really mad at her, but they make up later. Because Jane has to spend afterschool practicing, Daria starts talking to herself. Helen(being a worried mom) asks Quinn to spend an afternoon with Daria in exchange to use her credit card. Later Jane gets a by from a math test and this time it's Daria who gets upset. So Jane goes to Daria's house and they make up again. While being there she also tells her she quit the team. In the end, Daria and Jane are told to practice cheerleading.

Fair Enough - July 13, 1998

The school library's roof caves in, and in order to raise enough money they decide to hold a medieval fair. Included in the fair is a play of the Cantebury Tales, where Brittany, Quinn and Sandi are auditioning for the part of Emily. But Quinn wins the part and Kevin gets the opposite role of her(Palemon). During the fair, Daria and Jane get on the ferris wheel to avoid Upchuck and a bunch of crusading boys, but are seated with a crying, dumped Stacey. In the meantime, Brittany(who is jealous of Quinn and Kevin together in the play)drives Kevin far from the fair in order to miss the show. Since Kevin hasn't shown up, Mr. O'neill gets Jeffy to replace him, but he reads the wrong part making the crowd laugh. This creates a deja vu of Jake's past, making him angry. Then he starts a food fight. Jodie wants to see the riot at the auditorium so she asks Daria and Jane to watch the information booth for her. At the booth, Jane and Daria tell horror stories about the medieval times which gathers more and more kids.

Ill - July 6, 1998

Daria and Jane are at a club to watch the Mystic Spiral perform, but Daria gets a rash and goes to the bathroom. There she sees Brittany and they make a deal(which I can't remember). So Daria sneaks out of the club and takes a taxi home. When she wakes up the next day, the rash was gone. But it returned in english class. She rushes out of class into the bathroom and goes to the nurse where her dad picks her up. She was then brought to the hospital. Dr. Phillips(who Quinn gets a crush on)says the rashs' cause is anxiety and gives her a prescription. When she goes back home, Jane and Trent come over. And when Daria spots Trent, the rash rereturns.

Gifted - June 29, 1998

Daria and Jodie are chosen to visit Grove Hills, a school for gifted students. At Grove Hills, Jodie and Daria hang around students there, and Daria and Jodie's parents meet. But Jodie gets mad at the students because they complained about(in Jodie's words)being a low-life loser. So Daria and Jodie decide to remain at Lawndale. Meanwhile, Quinn has to stay with Sandi, but she got kicked out about an issue with Sandi's siblings. So she stays at Tiffany's, but Quinn also upsets her and has to leave again. Then goes to Stacey's house, but Stacy starts acting like a wannabe Quinn, so Quinn left again. So as a last resort, she goes to Jane's house because she's afraid to be home alone, and Jane lets her stay. And the next day, Quinn is brought home by a tired and annoyed looking Jane.

The New Kid - March 29, 1998

Daria is convinced by Jodie to be on the yearbook staff and meets Ted, who has a crush on her. He tells Mr. DeMartino that he and Daria decided to put pics of students doing community service instead of club and sports pictures. Mr. DeMartino agrees, and others get mad at Daria and Ted. Quinn sets up a plan to change the yearbook back by putting Daria on a date which failed. One day, Daria goes over to Ted's house and gives him gum(which he's never tried). This upsets his parents who come to Daria's mom and dad to complain. The next day they go for pizza and the arcade(which he still hasn't tried)and he plays with a bunch of popular boys there making himself popular too. At the end, Ms. Barch hears about the cut of pictures and beats up Mr. DeMartino, who changes the yearbook back.

Monster - March 23, 1998

Daria and Jane's english class' assignment is to make a movie. So Daria and Jane decide to do one on Quinn. Expecting to see a grumpy, tired looking Quinn the following morning, they find a cheerful, perky Quinn. At the end of the day, they catch on tape a paranoid Quinn who is a mad that they're zooming in on her pores. Daria and Jane have their movie figured out with the "pore stuff" included, when Quinn comes in talking about how she hopes she doesn't look stupid. This softens Daria and she takes out the "pore" part. After a viewing of the movie, everyone admires Quinn, and she becomes more popular than she was before.

That Was Then, This is Dumb - March 16, 1998

Willow,Coyote, and their son Ethan come visit their friends Helen and Jake. While everyone is having a reunion at the Morgendorffer house, Jesse's has his parent's vinyl records that he and Trent are to sell at a flea market. Jane and Daria decide to tag along and so Daria stays the night at Jane's house in Jane's grandma's nightgown. The next morning they go to the flea market and find Upchuck who helps sell some of their records. Jesse, Trent, Daria, and Jane decide to take a break leaving Upchuck to watch the booth. But when they return, they find most of the vinyls all stolen and broken. They also find Upchuck at a magazine booth with Mr. DeMartino. Back at the house, Helen starts to make bread, and Jake stops shaving like in their hippie days. But then Willow and Coyote decide to leave the hippie days behind and to be more like Jake and Helen.

I Don't - March 9, 1998

Daria and Quinn have to be bridesmaids at their cousin Erin's wedding. Daria sees into Jodie and Brittany at the bridal gown store, who are trying on dresses for a bridal show fund-raiser at school. Later at the show, Mack and Kevin show up and are thought as a gay couple. At the wedding, Daria is partnered with Luhrman, while Quinn with Garret as her escort. But Quinn and the minister keep flirting. Daria and Aunt Amy(who looks like a grown-up Daria)tell stories to the other bridesmaids. Helen gets upset about a thing with her mother and gets drunk, leading to a fight with her sister Rita. Everyone then starts fighting, and Aunt Amy and Daria leave the wedding to go bowling.

Quinn the Brain - March 2, 1998

Quinn needs an A on an english essay to pass the class, so she reads an essay about schools and prisons. Mr. O'Neill thinks it's brilliant and it is read to the class. Now the whole school thinks that Quinn is smart. So Quinn starts dressing in all black and making poems to look like a brain. Since Quinn isn't being fashionable, the Fashion Club puts her on probation. But the school starts copying her, and ignoring the Fashion Club. Daria, who was always thought as the brain, starts wondering why she wasn't popular for being smart. So Daria starts acting like Quinn, by dressing up like her, going on dates, etc. This upsets Quinn, so she quits being a brain and leaves that part to Daria. Quinn returns to the Fashion Club after confessing she found the essay in a trash can.

The Daria Hunter - February 23, 1998

The two Morgendorffer siblings go on a school field trip to Jim's Paintball Jungle. When they arrive, they find their parents who are volunteers there. While everyone shoots one another, Jane and Daria leave to see the great white shark, which turns out to be just a gift store with a tooth of the shark. Then it starts raining and and everyone at the paintball place takes cover under tents. When the rain finally stops, they all board the bus except Sandi who got left behind because she was in the bathroom.

Arts 'N Crass - February 16, 1998

Daria's art class is announced that an art contest will be held about student life. Jane(encouraged by Ms. Defoe)enters the contest and asks Daria to help her with the poster. The result is a poster with a pic of a thin girl and a poem: "She knows she's a winner, she couldn't be thinner, now she goes in the bathroom, and vomits up dinner." When they enter it, Principal Li and Mr. O'neill find the poster unappropriate. So Mr. O'Neill makes a new saying for the poster, and promises that if they don't like it he'll just leave it alone. But Daria and Jane didn't approve, so Ms. Li forces the poster in the contest. That night, Jane and Daria go and deface their poster. Of course they get in trouble with the principal who calls Helen. But Helen(being in the law business)threatens with a lawsuit and so they don't get punished.