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I have friends, don't get me wrong. It's just, they all suck!! Except 2. What should I Do?

Daria says: Alright. Here's what you do. Make some new friends. Outside your current social circle. I know it sounds lame and all, but if you do, you will slowly start breaking away from your lame friends and get new, cooler ones. Trust me. I don't mean ditch your old friends. Pull away slowly, and keep the 2 cool friends. Actually, keep all of your old friends. Once you aren't as close, they may seem cooler than you think!


QUINN SAYS: Thanks for choosing me instead of Daria. It's because I'm SOOOO much more attractive and popular, isn't it? Thanx! Well, my best fashion advice is to check out what the trend setters are wearing. If you are one, well then, make up a fashion. Look at me! In Quinn the Brain I wore all black and so did everybody else! Then when everybody starts to wear it, change it a little. A fashion club! Those are so much fun! Wow! Well, first get a bunch of fashionable friends. Then get their friends and so on. If it's in school, ask a cool teacher. Pick days for meetings, and what to discuss. Then you're on your way! And if you want you can make a website for it! I'll link to it!

Daria, my friend keeps calling me an airhead. She may be kidding but she doesn't sound like it or ever tell me she's sorry. I realize that I am not the smartest person in the world, but let's face it, I'm no Brittany! I don't want to confront her, because I am afraid it will start a fight. And I hate fighting. What should I do? She's really hurting me and I can't take it anymore!

DARIA SAYS: Ok, if people are around, she may be trying to impress them. It's like with Quinn, she doesn't talk to me in public. Or if nobody's around, maybe it makes your "friend" feel important. Well, you have to tell her. Face it, if you don't it won't stop. I put quotes around friend because if she does this she may not be your true friend. MAY not be. Sometimes people are just cruel. The cruelty might stop soon. But chances are it won't. So tell her calmly how you don't like it, and can she stop. She may realize: hey, my friend's pretty cool, and I'm the airhead for calling her that! And believe me, you are not an airhead. You got advice, which proves you do think, AKA you are not an airhead. As a last try, if nothing helps, call her a ditz. Want more, different advice on this? Write me back. I've got LOTS more ideas!

Daria, there is this one friend I have that is really annoying. Sorta like Quinn aka Valley girl. I don't want to hurt her feelings, but I don't want to be her friend anymore really. Is there a way I can ditch the Valley girl politely?

DARIA SAYS: First, try to hint at her to act mature. Ask NICELY! If it has no effect, find a friend she doesn't know. Become good friends, and hang out a lot. She'll probably get the hint that you are having a private conversation with her. That makes her find a new friend, leaving you with your new friend, but not her. And she'll be happy, because she'll have a new friend, too. And you are free from her!

this is a Qustion for quinn so here it is I really want to be popular and i also really like this guy he is so cute so how do i get popular and have this guy like me

QUINN SAYS: Be yourself! That helps a lot. Make new friends, but keep the old ones. Eventually, you'll reach his social circle. Begin by becoming friends with him. If he listens, after a while, explain that you like him. If he's glad, you did it! If he says that you are just friends, then at least you are friends. And since your social circle will be expanded, there will be LOTS of guys who will like you!

Hey Daria, I know I must have a worthless life to be asking somebody on the net who has a tune infatuation, but I can be obsessive, too, anyway here's my problem(one of the thousands)I have about 0 friends and I guess I can act like a moron and make some friends, unfortunatly these people who would be my friends are morons to begin with. The combination will make schizphrenic. That will take away my friend problem, but I value sanity, somewhat. Anyway the point is, in real life Daria wouldn't have a Jane and Daria needs a Jane. DARIA SAYS You're right. Without Jane I would be bored all the time. Well, try talking to someone who you would like as a friend. Someone with the same interests as you. Like Quinn and the Fashion Club. Don't think the only people who will be your friends are people you don't like. Don't act like a moron, act like yourself. Oh, yeah, and people are attracted to a little self esteem. Please try to get some. A friend can give you that. Get a friend, and they'll get you more. Need more advice? Write me back!

Hi I have two friends in my class we do everything together buut there always busy one time I saw them together on there way skating and they had said they were busy that day do you think they don't like me enymore? DARIA SAYS- Don't be jealous. That may be what they want. Three is a tricky number. Bring a new friend into the group. It will help. Even things out. If your friends start hanging out with you again soon, they may have just wanted a day to get to know each other better. Chances are, they still want to be your friend. Then leave things alone. Otherwise, invite a new friend of YOURS into the group. Two sets of best friends is the best way.

Daria My boyfriend says he loves me, he acts very sweet to me sometimes. I love him and I know he loves me but sometimes he treats me like I'm nothing but another girl who likes. I mean he says some of the meanest things I've ever heard he laughs a little I really don't say anything though, I'm afraid if I do he'll dump me or be mad at me. What should I do.

DARIA SAYS: He sounds like a great guy. And you love him. He also loves you. So if this feeling is mutual, you should be able to confront him. Tell him how you feel. He'll listen. If he continues saying these mean things, tell him to stop RIGHT after he says them. He may just be trying to impress his friends. Look around when he says it. Who's there? Friends? Someone he wants to impress? If so, put a stop to it, but not near his friends. That will hurt his ego, and he'll continue. After all, this, if he doesn't stop, sorry, but you can do much better.

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