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DARIA:Here are the links to my second favorite sites.

JANE:What's your first then?

DARIA:This one of course.

JANE:Oh. What about Trent's page?

DARIA:(Blushing) Oh, well, um, uh, it's a close call. Wait a minute, how did you know I like Trent?

JANE:I have my ways.

DARIA:Oh, just go visit a link!!!

Hey, Staci here. These are the "Dariadudes." Wanna be a Dariadude? Send me your site and you'll be a Dariadude too!
Oh yeah. These links are not in a special order. I would rate them, but I think that's not fair. Some people try very hard but don't have the resources that some other sites do, or whoever made the site isn't very skilled. I'm not implying anything, though. So take your chances!

Links to other Daria-related Sites

Quinn's Home Page Made by my friend Alicia! Great for a Quinn fan!
MTV onlineThe Official Site
Daria Central:
Animation Nerds Paradise: David Spade and Daria your Daily Dose of SarcasmAn excellent site, a must see for anyone sarcastic.
Animated Television Shows:
Welcome to Daria and Jane's page about life
The Daria Morgendorffers WorldA great page, lots of info.
The Daria Fan Fiction Website:
Daria Morgendorffer:
Sick Sad World:
Cyber Daria:
It's a Sick Sad World:This site is really good!
Dega Street:A Great Site! It's very creative.
Outpost Daria:
Welcome To The Daria Warehouse:
Daria Fan Page
Razzberry: Daria:
Juniper47's Daria Page:
In the Beginning There was Daria:
The Other Daria Webring: I'm a member!
Daria at, Find Pictures, Movies, Sounds, and Links :
Pierced Brains: A Jane Site:It's sooo cool!
USA Daria:It's cool!!!
Pierced Brains FanFic
Lawndale Commons
Poor Pathetic Daria Page:
Trent Lane
Daria Web: This site is AMAZING! It's the coolest site! Visit soon!

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