Here's What you do to get your Daria fan fiction here:

First, write an original fanfic involving one or more Daria characters. Then send it to me at I'll read it and if I like it, put it in. I am desperate for fanfic right about now. The Daria Craze is starting to really suck, so I need some new stuff.

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Yet Another Day
Daria in The Strom
Flaming Fashions
Quinn and Trent?!?
Bitter-Sweet 16
So Sew Me
A lot of Daria Fanfic from the site Seven:Okay, this is not on my site. It's just a link to the Daria fanfic page on Seven. A link to my site will probably be added to that site soon, so you can click on it and come back here. Or, see my site first, then go there. The site is great!

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