Hi!      My   name   is   Staci!

Thanx for visiting my page, Low Self Esteem: A Daria Morgendorffer Site. You may be wondering why I made a page about Daria, so I'll tell you. I love MTV and cartoons, so of course I LOVE the show Daria. The Daria show's different than other cartoons. Quoting Daria, "It really makes you think." And I think it's a really cool show.

Another reason is that people say I look like Daria. I really don't think so, but that's okay. My hair's a little shorter and redder, my eyes are a little darker, my glasses are different, if I even wear them...oh, never mind.

I really need your comments and ideas! Please send them to me, and I'll put your name in my site as people that helped me.

Here's my current list: Alicia F.-My friend who helped me make this page and uploaded the pics for me.

Maplewood Alicia-Another friend who helped me by sending me MILLIONS of homepage maker sites. Thanks!

Alicia-My friend who shares my Daria pics and told me where to get the best pics on the web.

Aileen-My friend who was just always there to talk about stuff, Daria stuff and real stuff.

Jamie (talk5501@juno.com)-My cousin who finally realized u can get site in Instant Messenger!

Pat H.-Thanx for coming to my page when I asked you to! But what did you say in my guestbook?!?

Jason-I'm thanking you, but WHY? For QUACKING at me? (People reading this, don't ask, but yes he's a human!) Oh, yeah, for making me feel smart when I recommended Tripod to you. Tell Carr hi for me, since she's never online.

Zoe (HoopGirl6@aol.com)-Thanx for being so kool and totally supporting my site! You definitely deserve this spot on my All About Me page. You helped me SOOO much! You rock!

Dorothy-For helping me make Chris F. INSANE!

Adam (gall@camtech.net.au)-For helping me with, and showing interest in my site. I really appreciate it.

Luv to UHS and USY!!!

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