Character Bios!!!

Character Bios!!! Here's profiles on all the Daria characters: DARIA-The downcast star of her own show. Major outcast. Low self-esteem and negative thoughts are part of her everyday life. Her family is her parents, Helen and Jake, and her sister, Quinn. Her best friend is Jane and her crush is Trent.

QUINN-The popular younger sister of Daria. Never admits to having Daria as her sister. Quinn is the vice president of the Fashion Club. The president is Sandi, and the members are Stacy and Tiffany. Quinn's fan club includes the ever present Joey, Jeffy, and Jamie.

SANDI-President of the Fashion Club. Jealous of Quinn. Her voice is deep, her thoughts are not. Afraid of Daria.

STACY-Secretary of the Fashion Club. Very insecure. Writes everything down. Total follower. Wants to be like Quinn. Shows her navel, says nothing novel.

TIFFANY-Agrees with whoever is winning an argument. Purse on her shoulder. Little on her mind. Says yeah a lot.

JOEY-The guy with dark tresses, who Quinn sure impresses. Competes with Jeffy and Jamie for Quinn.

JEFFY-The one with red locks, who thinks Quinn's a fox. Competes with Joey and Jamie for Quinn.

JAMIE-(AKA Jeremy, Jimmy, Jamiel) The one with light hair, who loves Quinn so fair. Competes with Jeffy and Joey for Quinn.

KEVIN-The brainless football player who goes out with Brittany. His hobbies include football, saying BABE! to Brittany, and singing "Ninety Nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall!" Also annoying Michael by calling him Mack Daddy.

BRITTANY-The cheerful cheerleader who constantly tries to train her boyfriend Kevin. She loves to twirl her pigtails.

JANE-Best friend of Daria and sister to Trent. This artsy girl has real talent, and proved it by getting into Brittany's party by showing her art to the security guard. Too bad there was no Tiffany Duke!

TRENT-Daria's ultimate crush. Lead singer and guitarist of Mystyk Spiral, his band with Jesse Moreno. Daria got pierced for him.

JESSE-Plays rhythm guitar in Mystik Spiral AKA Helpful Corn. Wears no shirt, but lotsa leather. Thinks top 40 radio is evil.

JODIE-Honor student and girlfriend of Michael (Mack). Called the African-American princess. Clubs include Vice-president of student council, and member of Lawndale High's tennis team.

MACK-Michael Jordan Mackenzie. Jodie's guy. Smart and athletic. Not bad for a cartoon! More soon!