Opening sequence ending in title screen: Daria in "The Strom")

Summary: An intersting turn of events occur when most of Lawndale is trapped under the school during a Tornado By Pat Leland ( Note:please send ay suggestions to me(

Opening Scene 1 Cut to Daria's Kitchen: She is sitting down and reading the paper, Jake is preparing breakfast. Quinn is sitting down. Helen rusehes through with her breifcase. Helen:Girls get ready it all most time forr school, remember todays the pagent Daria: Oh yea, like my everday life doesn't suck that much Jake: Thats the sprit, honey Quinn: Yeah, like we all have to wear the same outfit in the pagent

(Cut to Lawndale High, Auditouriom) it is slowly filling with family and friends of the students.Daria's head perks up when Trent and Jesse walk in. Daria:(To Jane): What are they doing here? Jane: I need a ride, okay?

(Ms. Li walks up to the podium) Ms Li: Hello and welcome to Lawndale High, I hope you enjoy this pagent put on by the the students of Lawndale High

(Quinn walks out on stage with the rest of the fashion club followed by the three Js and they start singing. Later it is time from Daria's class to peform she looks neverously out at the audience from backstage. She runs backstage when she sees Trent looking at her. Mr O'Neil: Let's go class. Daria: Please kill me

(She walks out on stage when thunder starts and wind starts rocking the windows open and wind blows across the auditouriom Quinn: My Hair!!!! Ms.Li Everybody stay calm we have a undergound area for this exact emergency ( Sudenly the power goes out) Britiany: Not here, Kevie Keven: What are you talking about babe Britinany:(Noticing that Upchuck has his hand on her butt) Ewwww, Upchuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Upchuck: *Fiesty*

(everyone follows Ms.Li to the shelter) Joey: Don't worry I'll protet you Qunn Jeffy: I'll stay right by you, Quinn Jamie: I'll die for you

(Finally they make to the shelter) Sandi:Eww, its dirty Stacy: I know I'll like mess up my new scort set Trent:Hi, Daria Daria: Uhh, hi Trent Jane: Gee Daria stuck here all night with Trent Daria:(Glares at Jane) Quinn: So then I said that nuetral were totallty unpopular and... Daria:(interupping) Hi Sis Sandy: Quinn, whats cousin or something doing here Quinn: I *know*, there should be,like, another shelter for like attractive and popular people Quinn (To Fashion Club) Be right back (To Daria) Over here!!!!!!!!!!!! Daria: ok Quinn its left, right, left........ Quinn:look ok, i know you like embarassing me and stuff, but like all my friends and stuff and we were like trying to have fun and we don't need a *loser* like you ruining it Daria: (glares) Whatever you say Princcess Shallow

(We Are Family by Aretha franklin in backround Lol) (Battery powered lights go off) Daria:(As she bumps into the lump that seems to be Kevin and Britany) So Britiany what did Kevin have for lunch? Daria:(Looks over at Trent and Jesse they are asleep as ussual) nothing new

(wind lets up) Jane:Hmm Sounds like the strom is letting up Daria:Yea

(Wind starts up again) Jane: My mistake Daria:(approaches Helen and Jake) Mom, It looks like we might have to spend the night Trent:: (Yawn) Hey Daria Jake: Hey my man, * Wassup* Daria: ( Walking off) Hey Trent have you seen Jane Trent:(Pointing at Jane, who has her head on Jesse’s shoulder they are both asleep) Over there Daria:I’m getting tired my self Trent:Me too

(They both lay down) Daria: ‘Night, Trent Trent:’Night, Daria Helen: Goodight, Jake Jake: Goodnight, Helen The rest say their good nights and the room is silent, almost Brittany:Oh Kevie!!! Yea, ,Oh Everybody: assorted hey keep it downs, quiets, shut ups and we’re trying to sleep heres End of Scene One: Daria and Quinn talking (Lalalalala)

(About 6 Am, Helen wakes up and is startled and nertvous to see Daria laying next to Trent) Helen:Oh My( Acts like she tripped and kicks Daria.) Daria:(wakes up) uhhh Helen:Oh I’m so sorry honey Daria: Ok (Slowly everyone wakes up) Jame: Oh My god, look at the makeover squad

(Pan over to the fashion club) (Beautiful by Smashing Pumpkins playing in backround) (They look hideous compared to there normally make up encrusted status they all have bed head.Quinn has bags under her eyes as does Tiffany, and has a zit in the middle of her head, they all look startled as they see each other. Sandi: Oh, my God we are stuck in here without *makeup*

(Later everyone is up even Jesse and Trent, it is about 10:30) Helen: (to all) ready for breakfast? Daria:Yeah , I think we all are Helen: (look at perserves shelf) well we have creamed corn and creamed corn Daria:Ohh I don’t know what to have does it come with a side of creamed corn Trent:(laughs) Good one, Daria (after hearing the selections, or selection nobody seems to be hungery)

(Pan to Sandi and Tiffany) Sandi: Quinn looks cute, ever after all this Tiffany: Yea Sandi: Cuter than me? Tiffany: No, you’re *much*cuter

(Quinn and Stacy walk over) Quinn:Can you *Belive* we are stuck here with just on outfit Sandi: I know and how that outffit makes you look so *bloated* Quinn:What do you mean Sandi, you have the same outfit Sandi:I haven’t worn *that* for months Quinn: Well, I don’t know why, it was in Vogue last month Sandi: Well if *You* know so much about fashion maybe *you*should be President of the fashion club. Quinn:But you have been President for sooooo long, it would be wrong to kick you out now, Sandi

(She and Quinn and exchanges glares) (Pan to Ms.Li) Ms:Li: Since today would normally be a day of learning here in Lawndale High, well be having and assigmrnt, Mr.Dimartino Mr.Dimartino: Considering the CIRCUMSTANCES of our SITUTION, we will be writing an ESSAY how close CIRCUMSTANCES, effect people Ms Li: Thank you, Mr.Dimartino (Pan to Upchuck, he is examing some of his fast food toys) Ms.Barch: (Walking by) Out of the way, Upchuck!!!!!! Upchuck:Ahhh, my dancing Calfornia Rasin set Daria:Nothing new there,(To Jane as she is loooking around the room), Now we know what Inspired Sick, Sad, World Jane:Yea, Hows the paper going Daria: Not good everyone is the same pathetic people as normal Jane: Now, now, Daria Helen:(On Celluar phone) ok eric since I’m stuck here indefenately we should move the meeeting, to uhuh, yes Eric, uhuh, Eric!!!?? Eric!!!!!!!!!????????? Damn it cut off again. O’Neil:Hello Mrs Mongenfluffer Helen: Dammit its Morgendorfer!! Helen:(walks up to Daria) You know I can see where your coming from with these people Daria: Then again it can bring out the best in people Jane:Yea Jane:Up for some research Daria:Sure Jane:Where to? Daria:Hmmmmmm, you pick? Jane: Hmm, The fashion club’s always good for a laugh Daria: Lets’s go(Pan to:Fashion Club)

(Better than you by Metallica in backround) Joey: Hi Quinn Jeffy: Hi Quinn Jamie:Hi Quinn Quinn; Hi, Jamie, Jeffy, Jesus? Jamie:Jamie Quinn:Whatever

(Pan to Daria and Jane) Jane:How’s the investigation going Daria: I fell like a Natinol Geographic photographer watching the monkeys Jane: I know what you mean Daria: Maybe we should try a difffrent Species Jane:Ok Daria:( looking At Kevin , and Brittany) Look a a mating Ritual Brittany: MMmmmmm, Mmmmmmm Oh,

( The Blond Girl from “This Years Model walks by) Kevin:(In His “Im Interrested voice) Hey Brittany: Oh, You, You, Stupid Jerk (End Scene two Ms.Barch strepping on upchuck’s toys Lalalalala)

(Opening Scene Three everybody is pretty bored and sitting around_ Britttany:This strom Isn’t going to stop anytime soon (The strom stops suddenly) Daria:I guess the world can’t bear to have Brittany be right Ms.Li:Ok, everyone I think it should be ok (She tries to lift the hatch to no sucess, a large tree is in view) Ms.Li: Students’ Parents and faculty of Lawndale High we have a problem a large tree has blocked the exit to the shelter (Mr.Dimartino looks determined and his eye looks like it could hit the limit) Mack:This looks like it could be better than the roller derby Jodie:Could be? Mr.Dimartino: (Charging at thge door and the tree is moving up and down up and down, over and over) Arrrrr (Finally the door springs open and everyone exits slowly) (The damge to the school is evident) Daria: I guess Ms.Li will have a another mandatory optinal fundraiser

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