Quinn and Trent written by: NiKEGRrL2@aol.com

One day as Daria and Jane were walking down the street. They saw the most horrifying scene they had ever seen! Quinn and Trent were kissing! Daria leaned over to Jane and said, "This is gonna make me wanna bleed through my eyes."

"Well, at least someone else agrees with me,"Jane replied. "This makes no sense. Quinn has teachers wanting to date her and boys that all the other girls would die for. Why Trent?" Daria told Jane.

"You've got me there. But, you have to admit, you sound jealous," Jane grinned.

"How can I sound jealous if I have absolutely no expression?" Daria asked.

"Once again, I'm stumped!" Jane said.

Daria and Jane continued. Trying to push the awful scene out of her head that made her want to poke her eyes out with a sharp pencil. Quinn walked through the door, smiling.

"Hi, Daria!" Quinn said in her tiny voice.

"Well, hi Quinn! Did you enjoy locking lips with Trent Lane?" Daria tried to sound happy for once.

"Oh yeah, we're going steady now!" Quinn replied. Daria tried not to throw up her lunch.

"I must say, you have good taste," Daria said sarcasmly.

Daria went to her room with padded walls. Then she had this vague feeling inside. Was she jealous? Or was it just her lunch disagreeing with her stomach? She didn't know. But she was going to find out!

To Be Continued...