Write Where It Hurts: -In Mr O'Neal's class above the door is a clock, the clock reads 5:00.

See Jane Run: During the Miss Continents of the Earths Pageant, there are sounds of clapping in the crowd, but when they show the crowd no one is clapping.
In the library, Quinn hands Daria a set 5 of magazines and goes away with a boy,when Daria reads the cover of the first magizine there are 6 magazines.
The big guy sitting in the Pageant is from the Doo Dad Shop.
Daria's window frame keeps changing from orange and grey thoughout the show.
When Daria is at her locker and Jane is with her,daria says "Hey way to go" the book standing staight up on the far left hand side of her locker canges From brown to green.
At the pizza shack Daria's cover of her drink and the straw keep appearing and disappearing.

Pierce Me: When Quinn is watching Daria iching her naval, her belt is yellow but when she steps into the room her belt is blue.

Gifted: When Quinn goes over to Stacy's house there are no cups of dye on the table.
Before Daria is bribed into going to Grove Hills The cups on the table appear and disappear.
When Quinn is talking to Tiffany on the phone,the clothes on Tiffany's floor appear and disappear.

The New Kid: In the cafeteria, Daria is sitting talking to Jane and then Ted sits down ,Daria was sitting on the end of the Table.
When Daria goes to Ted's house she offered him some gum, but he didn't take off the wrapper.

Ill: When Helen calles Jake to pick up Daria, on his desk is a black lap top,but when the screne comes to split screen the lap top is white.
When Daria's reading her dads pamphlet,her spoon is in her bowl but on the next shot it's on the table.
When Daria is in the restroom Britanny's hair dye is in front of the stall but in the next shot it's in front of the sink.

Fair Enough: When Quinn is talking about the play auditions the papers on the fridge appear and disappear.

I Don't: At the Bridal expo,in the auditorium, there are sounds of clapping but when they show the crowd no one is clapping.

Arts 'N Crass: The picture behind Mr O'Neal Changes color and size when he talking to Ouinn.
When Daria and Jane made the deal that Mr O'Neal could change the poem, Janes V-neck collar disappears
When Mr O'Neal is talking to one on the phone, the phone only has nine buttons.
The number and positions change in front of Daria and the angle does to.
In the poster that Daria and Jane made: the girl is resting her hand on her chin with her wrist facing outward but in the mirror the wrist is inward.
When Mr O'Neill runs out of the room the phones receiver has 5 holes but when he was talking it had 6.

Misery Chick: When Tommy is talking to Kevin and Mack, the locker behind them is open and when they show a close up of them the locker is closed.
When Britanny is talking about how she fells bad for not felling worse, her hair is always on the right of her but they show it for once on the left side of her.
When Tommy Sherman is leaning against Daria's locker, the number keeps changing.

Quinn The Brain: When Helen is upset about the letter she got from school, the clock behind her doesn't have any hands.

Daria Hunter: Mrs Barch's armband is missing when she is with Mr. O'Neill.
When Jane got hit she dropped her paintball gun. But when she found Daria she had it once again.
When Sandi got left behind her hair is blowing in the wind but her own shadow does not seem to move.
The rainbow is missing a few colors in it.

The Teachings of Don Jake: When Jane is packing to go to her Lane's family reunion, the blue paint blotch keeps appearing and disapearing.
When Jane is in her room packing she is putting her clothes in a suitcase but later on the show it's in a duffel bag.

Road Worriers: Trent does not play a "G" chord when he said he was.
If Trent said that the windows didn't work, then how did Jesse have his arm out the window?
Trent's goatee disappears when he is talking to Daria some times in the show.

The Big House: The rules to follow by keep swiching places.
When daria picks up the lliad,there is another copy of it underneath it
When Daria gives Quinn the book lliad,there is an exact one underneath.
Judgement is spelled incorrectly on the tablets.

Lab Brat: Daria's door has a peephole but the peephole keeps appearing and disapearring.

Pinch Sitter : When Jane came over and was reading to the kids,her black stockings keep disapearing and reapearing.
At the Gupty house the mail box is on the right but when they show another shot it's on the left.

Too Cute: When the Fashion Club was at the lockers, Sandi made fun of Quinn's clothes and Quinn said that Sandi helped her buy it. But Quinn was wearing those clothes on the first episode "Esteemers."

This Years Model: when Jane, Daria,and Jodie are in the cafeteria, Jodie's hair clips keep disappearing and reappearing.
Britanny run away from Kevin but in the next shot she is there.

The Invatation: When Quinn walks to the bathroom, the first clock she passes says 8:55 and the other one says 8:30

Esteemers: The glasses on the boy in the self-esteem class keep changing from the color clear to black.

Daria! The Musical:
In the first roof scene, when the whole roof is shown, the shed that they take shelter in the show is not shown.
In Mrs. Morgendorffer's office, the clock on her bookshelf disappears during the singing picture frame shot.
At the end of the show, Helen, Jake, Trent and Quinn appear to stop singing but you can still hear them.

Through A lens Darkly:
In the opening scene, Daria is shown with glasses in the background and then with contacts in the foreground.


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