Fashion Club Minutes

Written down by Stacy, secretary.

Would have read the minutes from the last meeting, but I spilled diet soda on them. Sandi gave a presentation on “Overcoming Your Fear Of Horizontal Stripes,” which was very informational. Discussed whether to open the club to more members. Concluded that we should keep it exclusive so people have something to strive for. Debated which fastener we like best: zippers, buttons, or snaps? Decided more research was needed. Agreed that Quinn was right to tell Paula Parsky that you can see her black underwear through her white pants: will do even more community service from now on. Reviewed our request to Ms. Li asking for work/study credit for window-shopping. Ate some carrot and celery sticks. Then took care of unresolved business: decided Sandi SHOULD go back and buy the canary-yellow sling-backs that she put on hold at Cashman’s. Meeting ender early so Quinn could make a 4:15 appointment to get her split ends trimmed.

Meeting called to order by Quinn, since Sandi was stuck at home recovering from a twisted ankle caused by falling off her shoes. Read the minutes from last month: Quinn asked that the split ends thing be struck from the record. I said I’d think about it. Voted that we would not wear emerald green on St. Patrick’s Day since none of us is Irish and we all look sick in colors that have too much yellow in them. Will wear blue-green and hope no one notices. Quinn asked if Tiffany and I thought Sandi was doing a good job as President-not that she was saying she WASN'T, but did we think Sandi really meant that stuff about horizontal stripes or was she just setting us up? We said we thought Sandi was a GREAT President. Then Quinn got all nervous and asked me if I write down EVERYTHING we say and if I do, could I erase what she just said about Sandi? I told her that would be like going back in tie, which was impossible. Then she said “but what about white patent-leather books? What about the disco revival?” Then I said, “That’s not the same thing as going back in time, that’s just reinterpreting classic apparel concepts.” So then she said…

WAIF Magazine Asks:


There's more to life than being popular, but when you're popular, everything else is so much easier! If you're a regular of WAIF (and have been following our beauty advice and personality tips), you're probably pretty popular already. But how can you be sure? Take our simple test and find out!

1. What qualities do you look for in a friend?

A. Sense of humor, character, and intelligence.
B. Someone who won’t steal my boyfriend.
C. Nice hair, expensive car, perfect eyebrow arch.

2. How would you describe the ideal guy?

A. A sincere person who accepts me and loves me for who I am.
B. He shows up
C. His family has a different house for each season.

3. My social circle is made up of:
A. People I like and want to get to know better
B. People I like and want to get to know so they’ll invite me to parties.
C. People I don’t like, but I want everyone else to know I hang out with.

4. How big is your closet?
A. I’ve never measured it.
B. Less then 36 cubic feet.
C. More than 36 cubic feet. (If you need help measuring, ask your math tutor or a cute guy.)

5. How often do you date?
A. A lot
B. Quite a lot.
C. As much as humanly possible.

6. How do you treat people who are less popular than you?
A. Like everyone else.
B. I make believe I don’t see them.
C. I don’t have to make believe, since I really DON'T see them.

7. How do you treat people who are more popular than you are?
A. A. Like everyone else.
B. Better than everyone else.
C. There aren’t any.

8. How important are good grades?
A. ver: I find it rewarding to succeed academically.
B. Somewhat: Otherwise my parents will ground me.
C. Extremely: Or I could end up at some community college without fraternities or decent football team.

9. When you invite someone to a party, they usually say…
A. “Uh…thanks.”
B. :I’d love to come.”
C. “This is the greatest day of my life!”

10. Imagine you have an unpopular sister. What do you do?
A. Tell her I love her whether she is popular or not.
B. Encourage her to be friendly and outgoing.
C. Ask my parents to put her up for adoption.

HOW DO YOU SCORE? Give yourself 0 points for each A answer, 1 point for each B answer, and 2 points for each C answer.

You’re going to have to try just a little bit harder. Smile ever when you don’t feel like it, spend more time on grooming rituals, and look at the products advertised in this issue to get an idea of what you should be buying.

You’re no nerd, but there’s room for improvement. Observe girls who are more popular than you are and copy them. Tear out some of the ads in this issue and tape them to you bedroom wall for inspiration. Don’t rule “out” being “in”— there’s still hope!

Nearly perfect! You’re living proof that mirror-gazing really pays off. (Hint: Our advertisers sell lots of items that will help you maintain your popular status.) Even if it’s all downhill form here, you’ll always have fond memories of high school to look back on. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures!