Look who was recycled! Fair Enough & See Jane Run - The girl having her fortune told by Ms. Barch in "Fair Enough" is the same girl signing up for the track team in "See Jane Run."

Too Cute & Quinn the Brain - When Mr. O'Neill reads Quinn's essay and all the kids start laughing, in the very back row to the right, there is Brooke from "Too Cute." She looks exactly like she did after she had plastic surgery, before her nose caved in.

The Big House & Fair Enough - The DJ can be seen walking in the background when Jodie asks Daria and Jane to take over the information booth.

Malled & Write Where it Hurts - The large guy from the Doo Dad shop can be seen sitting on the bus Kevin and Jane run off to. Malled & That was then, This is Dumb - In the "That was then this is dumb" flea market scene, several of the booths were run by the four employees of the "Doo Dads" shop from Malled. The skater kid who is walking by the picture of Daria winning the 10,000th customer award in "Malled" is walking past one of the booths as well.

Malled & Too Cute - The "guy" from "Malled" is in line at the end of "Too Cute" waiting to get his $5 from Kevin.

Malled & Pinch Sitter & Too Cute & The Big House - In the trolley at the Mall of the Millenium, in the first car were the Mr. and Mrs. Gupty from "Pinch Sitter", the DJ from "The Big House", the first babysitter from Daria's flashback memory in "Pinch Sitter", the guy who sat behind Daria and Quinn on the bus in "Too Cute", and the man and woman who sat in front of them also.

Malled & Esteemsters - At Scissor Wizards in the Mall of the Millenium, the school psychologist, Ms. Manson, is getting her hair cut.

Cafe Disaffecto & The Big House & That was then, This is Dumb - at the flea market in "That was then, This is Dumb," the DJ from "The Big House" and Mrs. Johanson from "Cafe Disaffecto" was there.

College Bored & Ill - The boy that Daria met in heaven in "Ill" is standing in the grass in "College Bored" while the MorgendorFfers walk down the courtyard. Also, he is dancing in the back ground at the frat party.

College Bored & Monster - Two of the college students from College Bored, the one working for the docterite and the girl in line behind her, are at the movie theater after the film.

College Bored & Monster - In "Monster", one of the college girls that daria consults about her paper from "College Bored" is walking out of the movie theater.

College Bored & Cafe Disaffecto - The girl with the dreadlocks dancing with a guy in "College Bored" is also in the front row at the cafe in "Cafe Disafecto"

The Invitation & Ill - The first guy to crash Brittany's party is the same guy hitting on Daria in heaven.

Esteemsters & Quinn the Brain - One of the nerds at lunch in "Quinn the Brain" is the kiss-up from Mr. O'Neill's self-esteem class in "Esteemsters."

Esteemsters & Quinn the Brain - Corey from "Esteemsters" appears in "Quinn the Brain" as the dumped date.

Opening Theme & Pinch Sitter & I Don't - The first babysitter in Daria's flashbacks in "Pinch Sitter" can be seen in the wedding scene in the opening credits and in some of the background shots in "I Don't."

Opening Theme & College Bored - In the opening theme, when Daria is at the movie theatre and everyone is laughing, in the row behind Daria to the very right, Daria's aunt and uncle with Ramona in "College Bored" are sitting there.

Recycling Backgrounds

Fair Enough - When Jake was driving to the fair with Helen, Daria, and Quinn, the background (seen out of the window) was used over and over.

The New Kid - While on Daria's double date, the car they were in drives by the same building a couple of times.

Too Cute - When Daria and Quinn were walking down to Dr. Shar's office, the background picture of the other stores were shown twice, so it looked like they were walking by the same stores over and over again.

Malled - And when Daria, Jane and Quinn were walking in the food court, the background picture of the other food stands were shown twice, so it looked like they were walking by the same food stands over and over again.