Girl!! You have a cool site. I love Daria and I really like this site. I SOOOOOOOO AGREE WITH YOU ABOUT THIS TRENT THING. Since the first time I saw Daria and Trent was on it, the first thing that popped into my head was JAKOB DYLAN!!! I am soooo glad someone agrees with me. Just wanted to let you know, cool site.


as u said jacob dylan looks like told me:
I think they look alike. They're cute! I don't think it was done on purpose though!

Trent DOES NOT look like Jacob Dylan!!!!!!!!! Trent looks a whole lot better!!!!!!!!

Sincerely, Felicia (

hi, i sooo agree with u on the Jakob Dylan, Trent issue. The first time i saw Trent on "Daria" i thought he looked like Jakob. Jakob Dylan is a cutie, and soo is Trent (in cartoon world.) I just have to say Daria and Trent have to get together. They'd be perfect! If only...ha ha! ~Brita (

Trent Dylan? Jakob Lane?

Ok, I have a question. Don't they look exactly alike? They're both musicians. Both kind of idolized. And the hair is exactly the same! I don't think this is a coincidence. Did MTV take Jakob Dylan's face and call it Trent Lane? You be the judge. Email me what you think.

Maybe they are different. I received an email from

She says:

I'm not agreeing with you, but it's ok...I think Jakob Dylan is more "clean" and "high middle class" than Trent who is more Punkrock and doesn't follow any fashion. Jakob Dylan is more a "Vogue" face than a "low fidelty" image...

A KoRnYkId says:
dude , i'm sorry to dissagree but i think that look nothing alike! trent is alot more grunge than jakob.

Progqune45 told me:
yes I think that they look the same. I am not sure if they actually took Jakob Dylan's face and stuff for him. Mabey it was just and accident. says:
Hi my name is Molly, I love Daria i think it is the greatest show! I'm sure you agree. Well as for you saying that Trent is Jakob I never realized it but I see it now! Thanx for bringing it to my attention.

My opinion (site owner): I think Trent and Jakob are each other. Totally, absolutely, 100%!!! They both totally ROCK!!!